In Step

She’s walking in my shoes
and she . . . is crazy
Unafraid of words I dare not say,
innocent enough to put her feet up
Walking in my shoes,
sometimes she’s faster
Quicker than a snapshot,
racier than a pin-striped suit
And she’s in my shoes
And she’s going places
I used to be
and she’s speaking to tongues
which once spoke to me
and she’s stepping
on the soles I outgrew

Cut Ups

My cousin married a butcher
I told her that wasn’t wise
That a girl should never marry
A man who’s that good with knives

I Wonder No Place

I wonder who I am when I am not myself.
Sometimes . . . I think I’m you.
Sitting there, peering into the computer screen,
the sounds of the world in the background.
The sounds of the world, the whir of the hard drive,
and the pixels blur as you access a random memory . . .
You jerk back,
an emotional reflex,
and I curl inside myself.

I curl, curl, curl inside my shell.
But this crab is not alone within this loneliness;
there are pieces of you with me.
Like grains of sand from the beaches of a
long-lost paradise,
fragments caught up in a twisted wind, twisting its
way inside my heart.

A twisting, twisted wind that moves words.
Words you’ve said to me.
Words I’ve said to you.
Words that can slam a house down upon your sisters
or leave you to wander down yellowed roads.
Roads that curve into a trance, a narcotic suggestion,
bringing emerald dreams of courage and Oz.

Sometimes, I feel like a man behind a curtain,
a little man nobody knew.
Other times, I feel obvious,
like a sparkling ruby shoe.
And I say,
“There’s no place like home.
There’s no place, like home.
There’s no place.”

Catryce Cooper started writing poetry at age 11. Once a celebrated performance poet in Arizona, Catryce now resides in California with her loving husband and two of her three children. Although she struggles with fibromyalgia, this hasn't stopped her from pursuing interests such as energy work, spirituality, jewelry making, and various crafts. On her best days, she plays the role of stand-up comedian on a popular social networking site. Catryce's studies and education include psychology, social work, natural health, and metaphysics. She is also a Reiki master and teacher.

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