the doctor litmus test

      ~for a former boss & megalomaniacal PhD

you’re on a crowded plane
thousands of miles above

a passenger becomes seriously ill
others nearby yell for help,
“is there a doctor onboard?”

do you answer


the key to living a happy ’n healthy
life is to enjoy an overabundance
of moderation.

only problem with doing nothing
is that it inevitably leads
unto something.

to not know where you’re at
doesn’t necessarily mean
you’re lost.

sometimes the smartest thing
to do is to play

a just deity believes it’s a sin to kill
yet in the name of justice
it’s done daily.

a wise ole dizzy man once said
"i'm an evolving revolution
of my former self."

unfortunately all too often
pretty can be
quite ugly.

are the last straw ’n the straw
that broke the camel's back
one in the same?

only a moron keeps talking, keeps typing
when there's nothing left
to be said.

Scott C. Kaestner, a Los Angeles poet, has published three collections of poetry, appears in a myriad of literary journals both online and in print, hosts a monthly reading series at Home Room gallery, believes in the unbelievable, and awaits the dreamer’s revolution patiently with a properly poured pint of Guinness in one hand and a pen in the other. Friend him and follow him on Facebook!

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