At the Edge of the Sea; or, Ruined Dreams

       by Dominick Montalto

The coastline bares traces of sand castles built

with tightly packed turrets

once glistening in the noonday sun,

now demolished by the thundering trident

of an angry-faced Poseidon;

the golden-yellow fortresses

brought down

in waves of ruin

by the eroding hands of Time

and dragged by the lapping

tongues of the tide

into the foaming

mouth of the eternally chattering sea.

Dominick Montalto is a freelance copy editor pursuing full-time work in the publishing industry. He is a poet and critical prose essayist, with several publishing credits in print and on the web. He specializes in 19th century literature from the French Revolution through the early modern novel. He is also interested in the various sects of mysticism, as well as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

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