Linda G Hatton, managing editor

Although Linda G Hatton graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in acting, she has been drawn to writing and art, including watercolor painting and jewelry, hat, and handbag design, as far back as she can remember. As a theater producer, her credits include her original plays and adaptations performed at Seattle’s Annex Theatre and West Hollywood’s Black Box Theatre, as well as acting in plays she produced at Seattle's Freehold Theatre and NYU's Black Box Theatre, among others. She is a founding member of the writing community, Wordsmith Studio, and began Mouse Tales Press in 2010, naming the website “Mouse” in honor of her deceased father’s childhood nickname for her. When she isn’t busy reading through submissions or updating the website, she spends her days writing— poetry, novels, screenplays, web codes, or notes to her children. Otherwise she gets a little cranky.

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Elizabeth Johnson, copyeditor

Elizabeth Johnson specializes in copyediting books for publishers and independent authors. She is also the copy chief for Girl Friday Productions, a boutique editorial company. Before launching her editing career, she worked as a TV news anchor and reporter in Seattle, Washington; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Syracuse, New York; and Traverse City, Michigan. Elizabeth’s first experience on the staff of a literary magazine was in elementary school, when she and some other young writers started a publication called M.E.O.W. Perhaps it was destiny that she would end up at Mouse Tales Press, another magazine with an animal-themed name.

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Carrie Wicks, proofreader

After graduating with an English degree from the University of Vermont, Carrie Wicks acquired her first job as a third-shift proofreader in St. Paul. For nearly eight years she worked on art books as the in-house proofreader and editorial assistant at Marquand Books in Seattle. Since 2008 she’s been a full-time freelancer, proofreading/copyediting for graphic design firms, agencies, and publishers, as well as for independent authors of both fiction and nonfiction. She has assisted in the editorial production of various literary magazines along her cross-country travels, and dabbles at the junction of poetry and songwriting.

Linda and Elizabeth met while attending New York University in New York City. Elizabeth and Carrie met while planning an editing conference, and have since worked together on the board of directors for the Northwest Independent Editors Guild and on the advisory board for the University of Washington’s editing certificate program.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a new writer looking for a place to show your work, we look forward to reading your submissions.


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